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15% Cashback on TryShift Advanced Plan

Get 15% PayPal cashback as TryShift coupon code, when you buy Shift/TryShift Advanced Plan with our above ‘Click to Purchase’ link.

Clicking above link, if you download Shift software first, then kindly claim the cashback once you upgrade.

Please see the following “Cashback Instructions” image for details ⩔⩔⩔

TryShift Coupon Code

Welcome to our TryShift page. Get TryShift discount code as Cashback. Our offer runs 24×7. Buy now with the latest deal.

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If you signup for Free or $1 Trial offer first (when available), kindly claim the cashback once you upgrade to a paid plan.

Make sure to use our “Click to Purchase” link for the free trial/$1 trial signup so that we get credit when upgrade.

Our cash back is calculated on your 1st Invoice/payment amount.

Not all products come with regular coupons and promo codes. So we love to share cashback with you.

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What is TryShift

TryShift is a desktop application for coordinating and simplifying accounts and workflows. The software allows you to personalize your desktop by connecting all of your preferred web applications, email accounts, and tools to Shift. Users can also add their most frequently used applications to the software, ending the pain of logging in and out. TryShift may be personalized with all your accounts, tools, and preferred settings to jumpstart your productivity. It provides the easiest way to find what you search for in all of your Mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts. You can add all of your Google accounts, including Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, as well as Slides, Sheets, and Adwords. The app is compatible with both Mac and Windows. You may easily sign in to your account on any device to resume where you left off. TryShift will assist you in combining your favorite applications to create the perfect workflow.

TryShift Pricing

TryShift offers the following pricing plan (click on the image to learn more)


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